We receive many letters of thanks and support from our members, their carers and our local community leaders. Extracts of just a few of these letters are shown below.

If you enjoy our services, would like to make any suggestions or have a concerns please contact us.

  • Port Macquarie's Mayor - Peter Besseling

    "Hastings District Respite Care performs a very valuable service to the Port Macquarie-Hastings community through the provision of respite for members and their carers. Respite services in Regional areas are often difficult to access, given the level of demand for respite and the large catchment areas that providers service."

    "I fully support your organisation."

  • State Member - Leslie Williams

    "Hastings District Respite Care delivers services to people in the local area with skilled staff who are very experienced in delivering person centred care."

    "They have a broad network of connections with the local community and work cooperatively to promote social integration and community participation with people who are living with dementia or disability."

    "I have no hesitation in supporting their endeavours in developing so many important programs."

  • A member with disability


    “My family has access to the Aging Parent and Carers Scheme and this allows my parents to spend quality time together and gives me a break from home with a trusted and much valued carer.

    I enjoy my break on a weekly basis and this respite allows me to access community events gives me a little independence.

    Without this important support from Hastings District Respite Care my parents would find it all most impossible to cope.”

  • A member with dementia


    “I love the help as it makes me feel like a worthwhile person again. The staff are friendly and willing to listen and they look you in the eye and talk to you – they really care.

    I watched the Port Macquarie Greenmeadows centre being built and have a close affinity with the centre. I have a purpose and enjoy many activities and particularly the visiting entertainment and the support from the volunteers is very helpful.”

  • A carer of a member with dementia

    “As my husband's dementia has gradually got more severe it was great to discover Hastings District Respite Care and their dementia day care centres. His socialising has improved and I don't get as frustrated as I used to

    Our life revolves around what my husband can cope with. To give me that break has made it a little easier and gives me time to myself.”